Florida’s World Class Call Center

Government & Municipalities

Alliance Communications is proud to support our Government and Municipalities with live answer service call center. We help to maintain a positive relationship with residents, customers and/or the general population. Our live answer phone service will ensure callers calling your line will have their call answered immediately and handled. Our skilled call center agents are adept at emergency dispatch and we do have a specialized emergency dispatcher on shift at all given times. As a service call center, Alliance Communications has been a proud phone service provider for many government and municipalities.


Our emergency dispatchers provide emergency dispatch and when your callers reach our calling center they are greeted by a warming and courteous call center agents wanting to assist them in any way possible. Alliance Communications actively submits Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for all types of government establishments. Our managers are trained in reading and writing contracts and bid.


Our Multilingual staff works to assists non-English speakers to assist them in any manner needed. We do have Spanish speakers as well as partner with a multilingual translation service to assist callers.


With emergencies and disasters we are here to help. If your company unfortunately has disaster arise then Alliance Communications call centers are here to provide our live answer service call center. We provide emergency dispatch service and are there to handle your calls. Along with providing for your facility, our facility is co-located and has a system ready disaster plan in place so that if a disaster arises we STILL provide live answer and phone service!


Along with city, state and government we provide a number of services to agriculture, defense, environmental protection, housing, law enforcement, occupational safety, transportation and utilities. We provide the following phone service options:

Emergency Dispatch & Emergency Dispatcher
Housing and Property Management
Water & Utility Management
Transportation Facilities
Live answer calling center
Government phone service


Please call Alliance Communications in Florida to see how we can help you today. 800-555-3738.