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Technical Support & Help Desk

Alliance Communications Center offers comprehensive 24/7 Help Desk Support Services to meet your customer’s expectations for flexible, rapid and high quality user support. Since 1987 we have been meeting the demands of commercial and consumer clients as their single point of contact for problem solving.


Customer Service Help Desk

The Customer Service Help Desk Technicians for Alliance Communications Center typically utilize our client’s help desk software, while smaller users may depend on our technical writers to create your unique help desk manual they will address commonly asked questions that often belong in an FAQ to include. Although our services are typically limited to Level 1 telephone support, our scripting and branching system allow us to remedy more tenacious problems to meet your customer’s needs. Our project manager will work with you to institute protocols and escalation procedures for each product or support opportunity. By providing a Technical support service our staff will allow your callers to feel immediately helped and have their questions answered and issues resolved.


Technical Support Service

Our experience in providing technical support service over the years, allows us to provide a level of expertise and excellence needed to assist callers. With the information provided to our staff our call center representatives will lead the callers through a step-by-step process in order to resolve their issues. Alliance Communications has provided Technical Support Services for fortune 500 companies assisting callers in a wide range of Technical Support issues. Many of our technical support services offered are:

Cell Phone Troubleshooting
Services IT
IT Technical Support
Consumer Support Service
Safe Troubleshooting
Electronic Service Support
Chat Live via your website
Register/ Signup Users for your Products or Services
Dealer Locate service


Alliance Communications utilizes many of the following features to provide top notch Technical Support Service:

24/7 Live Chat Support (We can use our call center software based on .aspx technology to provide a secure connection to your clients)
VPN (Virtual Private Network) to access many of the


Our supervisors take the information given and create manuals to hand out to our staff as well as hold training sessions to ensure that all agents are properly informed on your account. In addition to these sessions our customer service support representatives receive individualized training to go over any questions they still may have. By signing up with Alliance Communications, our supervisors and IT department will work hand in hand to ensure that when one of your clients call there will not be any inconsistencies and they won’t even be able to tell the difference! Our unparalleled technical support service team will help to ensure a seamless process as you begin service with Alliance Communications.


Our telephony system uses ACD functionality to ensure that calls about specific topics are put through to analysts with experience or knowledge on that topic. We can also use a rostered system answering questions through your website and via e-mail, ensures that analysts are always focused on the tasks you deem most important. Our technician availability is created using an Erlang C calculation to provide the service level of your choosing.


Customer Service Help Desk provides numerous benefits for our clients and their customers:

Elimination of support calls by up to 42%
Up to 85% resolution of user problems at first contact
Rapid Response E-mail support
Answer detailed questions about your products and services
Tier-1 technical assistance
Escalate advanced issues based on your specific criteria
Dispatch and tracking capabilities
Advanced Scripting and branching assuring consistent & accurate support every time
Detailed training on your products, services & philosophies
Enhanced professional image for your company
Increased Customer Satisfaction ratings
Relief for your in-house staff's time
Custom Reporting
24/7 technical support service for your organizations products and services


Our professional and skilled representative are able provide specialized proprietary services, and other industry-specific capabilities help desk support and/or Tier-1 Technical support in a concise and accurate manner every time regardless of the complexity of your products or services.


Some of our more interesting clients include:

International Safe Company
Consumer Electronics Companies
Internet Service Providers
Consumer Appliances
Office Equipment
Cable TV Services
Insurance Companies


Please call us today to find out how our live help desk and technical support service call center can assist you: 800-555-3738.